Ryan Majoris

"I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Ryan to anyone who needs music that people will remember." Douglas Gibson - Composer and Orchestrator

Ryan Majoris is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and post production engineer based in New York City. His work includes producing original music for film, TV, branded content, and all media, as well as engineering for TV and film.

As a music creator, Ryan utilizes a rich hybrid sound focusing on melding organic live performance feel and instrumentation with the contemporary music production landscape, creating compositions that blur the line of creation in the digital realm. 


Ryan attended Berklee College of Music and later studied with Douglas Gibson(Orchestrator on Our Kind of Traitor and Composer on Little Feet). He was chosen to participate in the New York SCL Mentorship Program in late 2016.

His music has been heard on networks such as ABC, MTV, and Bravo and with brands such as Braun and Moolah. His engineering has been heard on MTV’s Pretty Little Mamas, Say Yes to the Dress(US and UK), and on networks such as ESPN and TLC. He has also produced scores for many award winning independent films throughout the US and UK. 




"Ryan is a composer I have grown to rely on. I am fascinated by the way he combines his musical decisions while fully focusing on the story line. Not only does he understand my requests very quickly but he also brings a lot of ideas to the table. He is a joy to work with!"

Koby Adom - Filmmaker 

"Ryan is a real pro. Great talent, highly motivated with a firm grasp on technology. Easy to communicate with, and a real dedication to realizing his clients ideas. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone who needs music that people will remember." 

Douglas Gibson - Composer and Orchestrator

  "Ryan is a wonderful composer to collaborate with. He has great communication skills, which makes him awesome to work with, as you never have to worry about being left in the dark or out of the loop. He always keeps me updated on things; and most recently, he was very prompt at getting a score done for a 48 film contest we collabed on. He only had several hours to complete an original score for a six minute silent film. He pulled through, and it sounded amazing. Ryan has a great ear for music and a great mind for interpreting the deeper meaning of a film and creating the emotional undertone that makes or breaks a good movie. I would highly recommend collaborating with Ryan!" 

Kyle Misak - Filmmaker